With ongoing attacks on reproductive and sexual health rights and high occurrences of gender-based violence, if you feel that human rights for women and girls are needed now more than ever, you are not alone. Fortunately, recent trends have demonstrated that we are living in one of the most life changing eras in history. Driven by intersectional feminism and growing grassroots movements around gender equality like #metoo, a more socially driven world is at our fingertips. 

The Birth Talks is a Femmy award winning podcast that inspires listeners to make the world a better place for women by sharing vibrant feminist pregnancy, birth and parenting stories. 

The podcast gives listeners the lowdown on how gender, race, sex, sexuality, class and life experiences affect pregnancy, birth and parenting. Each episode offers listeners inspirational stories, insights, and different perspectives on the lived experiences of women and girls across diverse communities. The 30 minute episodes are hosted and produced by Ottawa based birth advocate and doula Mai Ngo and features non-traditional and cutting edge perspectives from Canadian reproductive justice activists, experts, professionals and community members. 



Our Host

Our Host

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"Every person has a right to self-determine - to choose their own path, their own way, their own decisions."

My grandmother gave birth to my dad in the hidden foliage of the jungle during the Vietnam War, without any support. My mom at 23, laboured with me in the hospital, with the support of an epidural and the nurse. My own experience with giving birth has been at a hospital and at home. Each birth story is so different and unique. It is the diversity of these stories that compels me to this work. My path as a birth professional comes from my commitment to gender, reproductive justice, stories and community. 

I am a certified birth doula (CBI) based in Ottawa and studying to become a midwife and childbirth educator. I have practiced since 2013 and have served families of all shapes, styles and sizes. I am trained to support the full spectrum of pregnancy loss and survivors of sexual abuse.

I hope the podcast nourishes your curiosity and encourages you to think outside the box. What if the power of informed choice is not accompanied by the social systems and supports required? Whose perspectives are missing from health care? What have we not considered when it comes to our own birth experiences and that of others? Why are the outcomes of some births filled with fear and trauma? These are only some of the many questions we will engage with. I can't always promise answers, but as a birth professional I can commit  to you that we will sift through the information together so that you can feel assured, confident and supported. 



Our Work

Our Work

Birth and post-partum doula

Mai is committed to working in friendship with you and to guide you through the hoards of information that can come with pregnancy, birth and parenting. You will receive the following support:

  • Ongoing pre-natal support. The first stage of support will assess your needs and desires for birth ("birth wishes/plan"), define and understand your expectations, and provide you with useful tools for labor and birth. The second stage engages you in a postpartum plan that will ask you to think about most optimal ways to heal, have support (community, food and baby care), and access resources 

  • Birth wishes/plan assistance to help you clarify your preferences for birth and explain the options that are available to you

  • Continuous physical, emotional, and informational support for you (and your partner if applicable) for the duration of labor and birth, to help you hold and move towards the vision you created for your baby’s birth

  • Initial feeding support immediately after birth to help your baby nourish properly 

  • One 3 hour postpartum visit to celebrate the birth of your baby and assist with wellness care (includes baby/sibling care, feeding, light household chores)

  • Additional postpartum visits can be integrated at a rate of $30/hour

  • Unlimited phone and e-mail support to answer your questions and offer suggestions and support throughout pregnancy 

  • An optional parent blessing that can be customized as a part of your baby shower

$650 (sliding scale available for low income families)

10% of proceeds go to supporting Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights

The initial consultation is complimentary and will establish whether you would like to move forward with our relationship and can last anywhere between one to two hours. Primarily serving clients in the Ottawa-Gatineau area.

holistic management of miscarriage or abortion

Holistic birth support for families experiencing planned or unexpected miscarriage, pregnancy loss and/or abortions. As a pregnancy loss doula Mai can support you in many ways such as: sifting through the process and procedures with you, directing you to the right resources on access to health care providers and counsellors, supporting you through the post-partum phase of pregnancy loss, and simply be the person that sits with and listen to you without judgement.

  • Two hour initial intake to assess your spiritual, mental and physical needs so that we can move forward with this pregnancy loss in a way that makes you feel supported

  • Assistance with a self-care plan assistance to help clarify and explore your preferences so that you have the most healing experience, as well as explain the options available to you

  • Continuous physical, emotional, and informational support for you (and your partner if applicable) for the duration of loss

  • Follow up to six weeks post-partum to ensure healing and support for your body and mental health 

  • Connecting you with local resources and support

  • A safe person to discuss the most difficult parts of the process, as well as guide you in the process of choosing spiritual ceremonies if desired 

Mai operates by Bhuddist principles of DANA or "generosity". Primarily serving clients in the Ottawa-Gatineau area.


Are you a business? A birth professional? A community member? Mai would love to work with you! Submit your idea and we can discuss if there is a fit for The Birth Talks Podcast. Your story matters.

Are you an avid fan of birth, gender and/or community? Another option is to become a patron of the podcast! Mai does this because of her love for reproductive health rights and stories. It takes approximately $250 per year to simply maintain the website, and roughly $450-$750 to produce each episode (3-5 days to contact interviewees, conduct interviews, write and edit each episode, as well as promote the show). Any bit helps! This show is for YOU and is a space for stories to be heard, discussed and learned from. 

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